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18th March 18
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Admission Arrangements


Admissions Policy and Procedure


We are committed to a fair and equal system for admitting children to Bram Longstaffe. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that education and childcare places available within the Centre are allocated in accordance with the Cumbria County Council Admission Policy, the Neighbourhood Nursery Initiative and the Children’s Centre Initiative criteria.



To draw up a list of children whose parents/carers wish them to attend Bram.

To hold information which will enable us to take best care of the children.



When the Nursery Schools part time places are oversubscribed, places will be allocated in the following order of priority. There will be the aim to be fair to all children:


1.        For Nursery Education (termly entry)

Criteria for Admission:

`Where a child has been accessing the free entitlement for 2 year olds in daycare that is directly associated with a maintained nursery school or unit, for a minimum of 15 hours per week for two terms immediately prior to the child becoming eligible for free entitlement, they shall receive priority for admission to that maintained nursery school in order to preserve continuity. This is particularly important for children who are receiving funded places for two year olds because these places are directed towards the most disadvantaged children. High quality provision, of which continuity is an element, is essential towards improving outcomes for these children.’


·         Children who are Looked After;

·         Children with a high level of need who have been referred by a Social Worker, Health professional, Pre-School Specialist Support Teacher, Special Needs Officer or the Traveller Referral Team;

  • Children who live nearest to the school.


Children (age 3) are entitled to 15 hours funded education places per week.

Where places are limited sessions will be allocated according to criteria.

Where 15 hours are not available parents/carers will be offered some hours with information about how other childcare settings can be accessed.


2. Neighbourhood Nursery Initiative Childcare

Children are admitted on an ongoing basis.

A waiting list is kept.

In emergencies temporary places will be allocated to Social Services.

When the day-care places are oversubscribed places will be allocated in the following order of priority:

  • Children Looked After
  • Children whose siblings already attend the Nursery provision.
  • Children with special educational needs.
  • Children who have social, medical or developmental needs.
  • Children living in Barrow Island
  • Children who live in a lone parent household.
  • Children’s whose parents/carers are in paid employment.
  • Children whose parents/carers are in full time education.
  • Children whose parents/carers are working or training in the ward served by the centre but who do not reside in the area.
  • Children who do not live in the area.




  • On acceptance of a place an information form will be completed by parent/carer. Information of a private nature will be held securely. Vital information for key worker staff will be held in the child’s achievement folder.
  • The family will receive a home visit.
  • There will be a settling time for each child to ensure a good transition from parent to Key Person is required and essential.
  • Data will be collected and stored on a data base:
    • (SIMS for school, Superfox for Childcare) following the Data Protection procedures.