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18th March 18
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Pupil Premium

The EYPP is a premium available for 3 and 4 year olds. The premium will be used to improve the facilities, equipment and learning experiences  to benefit the growth and development of the child.


Please collect an eligibility form from reception.


At Bram Longstaffe we support all children to achieve their full potential. We see it as our responsibility to ensure we meet the needs of each and every child recognising them as individuals.


For those children entitled to Early Years Pupil Premium, we identify the best way to use the funding. This will ensure we organise the support we offer in a way that is most appropriate to meet the needs of each individual child.


We think carefully about and plan provision for the children that live in disadvantaged circumstances. We will spend the pupil premium allocation following discussion between staff and parents/carers; we also take in to account observations of the child in the setting and the child’s assessment data.


We aim to be flexible in our approach, this ensures we are responsive to the needs of each child. 



Once the children’s assessments have been carried out in October, staff  plan interventions and calculate how the pupil premium funding will be used. Staff have already identified children with communication and language and social and emotional difficulties.


In 2015-16 To promote language and literacy and social and emotional development  we have invested funding in attending Stickman experience in Grizedale forest led by an artist , attending the Zoo and extra staff support.


The impact of the EYPP is measured alongside children’s assessment.  An Action Plan is in place for individual eligible children.


 In 2016-17

Funding currently supports attendance, new resources and staff training in communication and language skills.


Links and partnership with the children's centre and Teaching School provide opportunities for staff and parent training. 


The date of the next review of the schools pupil premium strategy will be in February 2017 when governors and staff will discuss how money is being spent .The staff will have the evidence generated by the assessment data and use the funding effectively to improve the outcomes for the children.


There are many factors that are barriers for educational achievement for some of the eligible children these may include:-Poverty, Complex family situations ,Child Protection, Child in Need, Early Help Assessment SEND children/ Educational Health Care Plan, Parents with SEND, Domestic Violence, Depression, Lone parents not in employment, adopted children, English as an Additional Language (EAL) families and looked after children. 



Every year staff work with parents to ensure that all families who are eligible for the EYPP funding receive it. By putting interventions in place for these children we have seen a positive impact on their development and this has been  monitored through case studies. The impact of the extra support is evaluated at the end of each term when staff complete the assessment . Staff would then plan for the next intervention to support the child to ensure that progress is continuing. Parents are part of this process. 

Throughout the last academic year the EYPP has been spent on the following interventions;-

  • Extra staff support
  • Trip to Grizedale Forest led by an artist .
  • Trip to the zoo.
  • Extra sessions over the summer 
  • Additional hours.


We also acknowledge that the EYPP has had a positive effect on all the children in the provision.