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18th March 18
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Keeping Children Safe

At Bram Longstaffe Nursery School we provide a secure, happy and enriching environment for all, where children can fulfil their potential and also learn to respect and value themselves and others too. The children at Bram must feel safe and secure. We listen to children with respect and respond to them  teaching them about their own rights.

We include activities and opportunities for developing personal, social and emotional awareness. These help children to be  equipped  with the skills that they need to stay safe from abuse and which prepare them for adult life. 

A copy of Bram Longstaffe’s Child Protection Policy is available for parents on request.


The staff at Bram Longstaffe Nursery School are in a good position to keep a watchful eye on children and their safety and to protect them from abuse and neglect.  If they have concerns they must inform the designated safeguarding lead for Child Protection, Jackie Drake immediately or in her absence Anna Currie or Kirsty Bassett.  If necessary they will make a referral to Children’s Services to ensure the well-being of a pupil is safeguarded.

All referrals will be made through Cumbria’s Safeguarding Hub.  Advice on whether to refer will also be sought.

Safeguarding Hub

0333 240 1727


Anybody with a concern about a child in Cumbria can contact Cumbria Safeguarding Hub on this single number.       

As always, but especially with regard to safeguarding, if you would like to discuss any matter with a member of staff please let us know 


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility -

Help us to keep all our children safe.